April 18, 2024

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Alice Crowe, Community Member Peter Carr/ The Journal News

The Urbane Voice is a weekly opinion column that provides keen insight and commentary on social issues, racism, culture, and current events. We bring readers a historical analysis of present-day events.

I’ve been writing all of my life. I have opinions, and I like to find the “booger in the sugar.” I connect the dots. Sometimes things are so obvious we miss what is right in front of us. A little research, investigation, and common sense allows us to get to the core of what’s behind the bravado at times. I am a proud graduate of Adelphi University, a BA in Political Science/Philosophy, and a law degree from Howard University School of Law. I practiced law for nearly 20 years with my identical twin sister in our law firm.

I am a former community editorial board member for Lohud.com. I’ve written commentary for Lohud.com; see the links below:

Years ago I wrote a self-help book, How to Get Black on Track, a self-empowerment guide. I’m currently working on a revised edition. I am a contributing author in the book Race, Population Studies, and America’s Public Schools, A Critical Demography Perspective, published by Lexington Books.

My passion is restoring the missing pages in our history books. Secrets of the Hollow is my latest film series. The first segment, Last Disintegrated School, the untold story of Thurgood Marshall’s fight to desegregate the Brook School in Hillburn, NY, in 1943. This untold story happened eleven years before Brown v. Board of EducationLast Disintegrated School is distributed by Infobase. Last Disintegrated School is produced by A Crowe Flyz Productions, director, Alicia M. Crowe, narrator Chuck D, music composer, Sam Waymon. Visit my website for information at acroweflyz.com.

Great events may stem from words

of no importance.


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